Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Caring Protocol after Administering Intravenous Thrombolytic Agents

1st layer: After asmission to the ICU ward for treatment: Implement tasks according to r-tPA after administering the medicine (For hospitalization order, please refer to the neurology medicine package "IV r-tPA in ICU")

2nd layer: In Stable Condition, Consciousness or neurology synptoms worsen at anytime

3rd layer: r-tPA 2 hours after administering the treatment, the neurologist will conduct NIHSS assessment, Call Neurologist to assess patient

4th layer: In Stable Condition, NIHSS increases over 4 points

5th layer: r-tPA 24 hours after administering the medicine, the neurology physician will conduct NIHSS assessment, Quickly do brain CT

6th layer: In Stable Condition, NIHSS increase over 4 points, No Cerebral hemorrhage, Cerebral hemorrhage

7th layer: Observe until the condition is stable

8th layer: Depending on the conition, consider switching to a general ward, 1.Infuse FFP 2u, prepare RBC 4u and platelet 12u, 2.Call Neurosurgeon 3.Discuss the possibility of surgical procedure with their families

9th layer: The treatment principles are the same as the acute cerebral hemorrhage (intemal medicine) and the surgical treatment principles