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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center
The hyperbaric oxygen therapy center (HBOT) opened on January of 2010 utilizing a multi-person chamber-system. The HBOT center has established a Wound Center comprised of our team of plastic surgeons, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound care specialists. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment places a patient within a high pressure chamber breathing at a level 1.5 – 2.5 times higher than atmospheric pressure. The amount of oxygen patients breathe in while in the hyperbaric chamber is 8 to 15 times that of the amount in a normal atmosphere. At pressures greater than normal, the body is able to incorporate more oxygen into blood cells, blood plasma, cerebral-spinal fluid and other bodily fluids. The increased oxygen absorption significantly enhances the body's ability to aid in its own healing. Once a person is in the increased atmospheric pressure the body responds by reducing inflammation. With the inflammation reduced the blood flow increases the delivery of oxygen to oxygen deprived areas.
Shuang-Ho Hospital HBOT center provides the following hyperbaric oxygen treatments:
†carbon monoxide poisoning
†chronic osteomyelitis
†compartment syndrome, crush injury, and other acute traumatic ischemias
†decompression sickness
†diabetic foot and chronic ulcers
†gas embolism
†necrotizing soft tissue infections
†problem skin and skin grafts
†radiation tissue damage
†sudden loss of hearing
†strokes and brain damage
†thermal burns
The medical conditionals listed above are approved for hyperbaric oxygen therapy as defined by the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society

Other clinical medical conditions suitable for treatment include:
Spinal injuries, trigeminal neuralgia, facial nerve paralysis, vertigo (Meniere’s Disease), head injuries, hydrocephalus, burns, microsurgery for severed limbs, trauma or bleeding causes by crush injury, intestinal obstruction, ulcers in arteries and veins, ligament repair, senility, rheumatoid arthritis, and cellulitis.

Medical Personnel:
Dr. Wen-Ping Tsai:
-Attending physician, Department of Plastic Surgery, National Cheng Kung University Hospital
-Attending physician, Department of Plastic Surgery, Tou-Liou Branch, National Cheng Kung University Hospital
-Chief, Dept. of Plastic Surgery, Tainan Hospital, Department of Health, Executive Yuan
-Researcher, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, University of Tokyo
-Researcher, Hyperbaric Center, Tokyo Medical and Dental University
-Designated lecturer, Ministry of Education
Dr. Chih-Chun Lee:
Wound care team

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