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Dialysis Center Introduction
     Our dialysis center was built up with capacity of 50 beds on July 2008 with 39 members including five attending physicians, two chief residents, and thirty-two nurses. WE are the first dialysis center with 10 isolated divisions- including 4 eight-person, 4 four-person, and 2-single rooms, and there are independent sinks and storage closets for each rooms in order to prevent the cross infection of hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and other latent infection.
     Also, the center provides tranquil and comfortable medical environment so that the patients can receive treatment in a relaxing environment. We used dual RO system and multiple filtrations that provided a safe water source for dialysis. We use brand new latest models of dialysis machine and various artificial kidneys for individualized treatment program. We provided a 24-hour regular and emergent dialysis with different modes of dialysis modalities including hemidiafiltration, hemoperfusion, plasma exchange, continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration, and sustained low efficiency daily diafiltration in order to fit for the needs of the patients. Our nursing service supply friendly and standard operating procedures, and also seek progress to provide more excellent patient care. More than 100 dialysis personnel visited our dialysis center to observe our great performance in last 2 years, and we also got almost perfect score in the national hemodialysis quality index program in 2009. Although the health insurance program provides an even payment for each dialysis patient without considering the different nature of the disease entities, we still try very hard to provide an excellent service for all of the patients.
The Future
1. Provide specialized and individualized medical treatment.
2. Work for renal disease treatment-oriented research.
3. Continue the ongoing research program.
4. Teaching program for the young doctors.
A Specialized Powerful Hemodialysis Center
1. Aside form the regular hemodialysis, we also provide service for hemidiafiltration (HDF), hemoperfusion (HP), plasma exchange (PE), continuous veno-venous hemodiafiltration (CVVHD), and sustained low efficiency daily diafiltration(SLEDD-f) in order to fit for the different needs of the patients.
2. The visiting physicians provided 24-hour medical service.
3. The center provides independent, tranquil, and comfortable space so that the patients can receive treatment in a relaxing environment, and also for good infection control.
4. Shuang-Ho general hospital is a university hospital with facilities of medical center, and is able to provide excellent and specialized treatment for the hemodialysis patients.
5. We have the brand new standardized isolated space for dialysis, and pioneering in the medical treatment for the dialysis patients nationwide.
6. We provide safe pure dialysis water with dual RO system and multiple infiltrations.
7. We provide the latest models of various dialysis machine and artificial kidneys (21 kinds) for individualized therapy.
8. Timely correction of all weighing scales was done to provide the accurate ultrafiltration.
9. Our nursing service supply friendly and standard operating procedures, and also seek progress to provide more excellent patient care.
10. Our staff includes the president of the Taiwan Kidney Council- Dr. Yu-Feng Lin, 2 assistant professors, and 2 visiting physicians, and provide 24-hour regular and emergent service.
Peritoneal Dialysis Center
1. The specialized nurses provide lectures about peritoneal dialysis (PD) for the patients with stage 5 chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage renal disease.
2. We have an isolated room for the medical treatment and technique training of PD patients.
3. We have a special space for “home preparation” – to train the patient how to do peritoneal dialysis at home.
4. We provide a friendly and professional nursing service – 24-hour duty personnel and family visiting in order to know the quality of dialysis and to provide complete and sustained medical treatment.
5. We have timely education program to provide the interaction among the CKD patients and raise the dialysis quality.
The Achievement of Peritoneal Dialysis
We started the service of peritoneal dialysis in November 2008, and the numbers of the patients are growing day by day.

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