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Department of Education and Research
     The Department of Education and Research at Shuang Ho Hospital was established soon after the inauguration of the hospital on July 1, 2008. In 2009, the hospital was accredited by The Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation, receiving the title: “Excellent Regional Teaching Hospital.” Our department emphasizes “concern for human rights” and “patient-centered clinical education training,” in order to foster medical professionalism through knowledge, technical skills and attitude orientated approach.
     The Department of Education and Research consists of the Center of Faculty Development, Clinical Skills Center, Evidence-Based Medicine Center, Translational Research Laboratory, Clinical Research Center and Medical Library. The department was designed to provide a multi-faceted education and on-site training curriculum for Clerks, Interns, PGY trainees, faculties, and newly-employed paramedical and nursing personnel. In order to foster an exceptional group of medical and research personnel, the curriculum is integrated with medical ethics, humanities lectures, exploration of real life values, establishment of medical intellect, and practice of proficient medical skills.
Training Programs:
     Clerkship students rotate through different medical departments every one to four weeks with scheduled training program listing their responsibilities. During rotations, attending physicians, residents, interns and clerks constitute the health care team which is under supervision by a clinical instructor. The vice-superintendent of education meets with students weekly to review and discuss their progress. Students are given the chance to reflect on their training and are able to receive immediate feedback from their instructors, which improves the effectiveness of their training programs.  
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Post Graduate Year 1
     Shuang Ho Hospital is one of the major teaching hospitals with a PGY training program. There is a general ward solely devoted for the PGY program, so that interns and PGY trainees are trained at the same time in the same ward, with a basic program emphasized on medical ethics, evidence-based medicine, medical quality care, and hospital infection control. Bed-side teachings are conducted by experienced professors, as they share practical clinical knowledge and experience with medical students.   
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     The curriculum for the 2nd to 4th year residency training programs follows the ACGME’s six general competencies. The curriculum mainly concentrates on General Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics Gynecology and Pediatrics. The overall goal of the program is for the residents to acquire the proficiencies as a physician and to improve patient care. In order to enhance their medical care quality, residents have to take part in case consultation, morning meeting, case conference, combined meeting, journal meeting and mortality morbidity conference. A standardized Mini-CEX and DOPS exams are used to evaluate each individual’s ability to carry out patient oriented care. The curriculum also provides training on research design and statistical analysis for residents who show an interest in clinical research and translational medicine.
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Health care professionals
     In order to foster the development of health care professionals, a field-specific education programs have been designed and implemented for Nursing, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Medical Technology, Radiography, Respiratory Therapy , Clinical Psychology and Physical Therapy Occupational Therapy Speech Therapy. A two-year PGY training program has been designed for every health care professional. Regular feedback meetings are held monthly by the Department of Education and Research with teachers from different health care departments in order to review and follow-up on current training schedules, as well as monitor the progress of their trainees.
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Center for Faculty Development
     The Center for Faculty Development is the branch center of the CFD of Taipei Medical University. It was founded in October of 2008, with an emphasis on Educational training program include topics on medical professionalism, teaching skill, problem solving, communication technique, team-work, problem-solving, as well as topics involving life-long learning and self-improvement. The training of passionate clinicians and health care professionals remain an important role model for our students.
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Clinical Skills Center
    The Clinical Skills Center opened on February 2010 with a goal to provide real-life simulation models for medical students and other health care professionals. Trainees are put in a controlled real world situation where they face various problems that they may face in treating real live patients in the ward.
    The 453 square meter facility encompasses ten fully equipped examination rooms with desktop computers for OSCE, two PBL rooms, Simulation Emergency room, Intern skill room , Surgery skills room and conference room. Audio/Visual monitors are installed in each examination room for simulated ER/SR. The Clinical Skills Center is equipped with TraumaMan, Central Line Placement Trainers, IV Arms, Arterial Arms, Lumbar Puncture Backs, Intubation mannequin, Pediatric Multi- venous IV Arm kit, IV Torso, Airway Management Trainer and Foley Trainers. A wide range of outcome assessment activities are available, including bedside patient care skills for history taking, physical examination, interpersonal communication and counseling in the form of OSCE with standardized patient encounters, high-fidelity mannequin scenarios, and clinical skills stations.
     &   The clinical skills center is fully digitized allowing for recording, video streaming, remote viewing and scoring of simulated patient encounters. The OSCE Center of Shuang Ho Hospital is a certified National Examination Center for the OSCE by the Ministry of Examination.
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