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Social Work Department
     Social Work Department provides professional knowledge and skills to help patients and their families solve economical, social, psychological and family problems.
     In order to achieve a better effect of treatment, Social Work Department builds a better doctor-patient relationship, and actively participate in medical team, and thus provides social diagnosis to the patient's physician, which can help the doctor with medical diagnosis and treatment information. In addition, the development and integration of social resources is well established in order to ensure the quality of Social Work Department services. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact: Social Work Department: +886-2- 2249-0088 ext 2401 ~ 2409
1 director, 1 team leader, 8 social workers, 2 clerk, 1 consultant
1. Casework
     1) Welfare Advisory: social assistance; disabilities; welfare of the elderly; youth/child welfare; women's welfare; national health insurance; others.
     2) Emotional support and counseling
     3) To enhance patients’ self-efficacy and their families’.
     4) Family counseling / coordination.
     5) Assist in care plan.
     6) Economic benefits; subsidized care; medicaid: others
     7) Discharge Placement:
     ˙ Assist families in decision-making and discussion
     ˙Institutional placement: conservation center; nursing home; disable institutions;homeless shelters
     ˙ Home project: patient self-care; home care; day care
     8) The use of social resources: the public sector; private sector
     9) Others

2. Group work
    There There are some patient group works that have been established, such as: the diabetes patients group, breast cancer patients group, stroke patients group, the head and neck cancer patients group.

3. Community work
     1) Community policies:
     2) Combined with Department of Health and hospital policy, planning and management "community health", an application program through the Department of Health case, the case of the hospital project, to create, to promote the achievements of the implementation of a new culture, new community and create a healthy supportive environment.
     3) Community-oriented health needs of residents, committed to enhancing the quality of life for the principle of community residents.
     4) Integrated service area of social resources to the medical community service uses.
     5) Combined with community resources to promote community health care-related work.

4. Community health promotion activities:
     1) Community Health Station.
     2) Community clinic, lectures.
     3) Cultural activities inside and outside the hospital.

5. Volunteer Service Team
     1) Purpose :
     Collection of public power community, serve patients and their families, to "love" and "warm", participation in health care and hospital services.
     2) Target:
     Outpatients, hospital patients and their families.
     3) Service:
     ˙ to help patients complete the formalities.
     ˙ to give patients and their families emotional support.
     ˙ Improve the doctor-patient relationship.
6. Status
     1) Total number of volunteers: Almost 500
     2) Service points: About 36
Medical Ethics Committee
The Provided Services
1. We established the Medical Ethics Committee since 1997. The Medical Ethics Committee’s responsibilities include independent advice and supervision of medical ethics organization. In addition to members of the hospital, the hospital also recruit experts outside of the hospital by the president of the medical, legal and sociological.

2. The Committee organize a conference every six month. The meeting was recorded on an electronic document and is kept by the Committee after reports of medical meetings, hospital-wide announcements and public awareness campaigns. They will hold extra meetings when necessary.

3.To strengthen the hospital medical ethics case processing, the Committee organizes special seminars from time to time and case discussions to reach consensus on setting criterion.

4. Medical Ethics Committee meets regularly to provide a hospital-wide operating procedure of medical ethics case consultation to assist health care workers and other staff on-site operation of the service.

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