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Department Overview
Thoracic Surgery

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Divsion of Thoracic Surgery
Our division of thoracic surgery currently has three full-time attending surgeons. We are dedicated to provide the most comprehensive medical services in New Taipei City and also for nationwide patients. In 2011, we granted the qualification as a training unit of thoracic surgeons. We are now applying the approval for lung transplantation, and it will be started soon in the near future.
We treat patients with benign and malignant diseases of lung, esophagus, pleura, trachea, mediastinum, diaphragm, chest wall and of course, chest trauma. Currently, our most operations are accomplished by video-assisted thoracic surgery (VATS). The details of our professional practices include:





  •       Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) (pneumonectomy/lobectomy/segmentectomy/wedge resection)
  •        Lobectomy and sleeve lobectomy
  •        Wedge resection or segmentectomy of lung
  •       Pneumonectomy
  •       Total minimally invasive esophagectomy (MIE) and reconstruction with gastric tube
  •       Hybrid video-assisted thoracoscopic (VATS) esophagectomy and reconstruction with gastric tube
  •        Video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS) resection of mediastinal tumor or thymus
  •       Median sternotomy and resection of mediastinal tumor or thymus
  •        Tracheostomy
  •       Percutaneons tracheostomy
  •       Thoracoscopic pericardial window
  •       Thoracoscopic pericardial window
  •        Nuss procedure
  •        Chest wall (tumor) resection




Lungs - lung cancer, pulmonary nodules, lung metastasis, lung volume reduction surgery, …etc.
Esophagus - esophageal cancer, esophagogastric (EG) junction cancer, esophageal corrosive injury, benign stenosis, achalasia and other motility disorders, …etc.
Pleura - spontaneous pneumothorax, empyema, chylothorax, pleural effusion, …etc.
Trachea - tracheal tumor, stricture, malacia, endobronchial tuberculosis, …etc.
Mediastinum - thymoma, myasthenia gravis, teratoma, neuroma and other mediastinal tumors,... etc.
Diaphragm - diaphragmatic hernia, diaphragm defects, ...etc.

Chest wall - pectus excavatum, pigeon’s chest, chest wall chondroma, sarcoma, osteoma,... etc.

Chest trauma - rib fractures, traumatic pneumothorax and hemothorax,...etc.


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