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Department Overview
Nuclear Medicine

Department of Nuclear Medicine


Department of Nuclear Medicine was officially unveiled on August 7th of 2009. The characteristics of nuclear medicine examinations are emission based functional studies. The department provides three types of examination services: single photon emission computerized tomography (SPECT), positron emission tomography (PET) and radioimmunoassay (RIA). We are equipped with the most advanced GE instruments: Millennium MG and 16 Slice PET-CT. The single photon imaging has a wide range of applications including myocardioperfusion scan, cardiac function studies, bone scan, thyroid scan, renal scan, brain scan, liver and spleen scan to name a few. PET has been named by the Time magazine as one of the most important medical inventions of the new millennium. PET has been proven to be an important tool for cancer diagnosis. It can affect cancer staging so as to help treatment planning. Especially with the fusion of PET and CT in one single machine, we can provide not only functional imaging but also anatomical imaging so as to give clinicians better guidance as to the exact location of the lesions. PET-CT has also been widely applied in the health checkup for cancer screening. RIA is our laboratory examinations. RIA provides a whole array of tests for thyroid function, various hormones and tumor markers. In addition to our examinations, the department also provides a number of treatment options. The most frequently prescribed is I-131 treatment for Graves’ disease and thyroid cancer.


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