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Department Overview

E.N.T. Department (Otolaryngology)

The complete name of E.N.T. is “Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery”. In other words, diseases related to the parts above the neck, except the eyes, central nervous system and teeth, fall in the scope of E.N.T. The E.N.T Department is divided into five sub-areas: Otology/Neurotology, rhinology, laryngology, head and neck tumors and Pediatric E.N.T. Otolaryngologists work on relieving the pain of patients who suffer from diseases in regard to otolaryngology with the help of medical treatment or surgery based on their professional judgment.

E.N.T(Ear, Nose, Throat) department, also known as Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery or Otolaryngology department, deals with disease related to areas above the neck, except the eyes, central nervous system and teeth. The E.N.T Department is divided into five subspecialties: Otology/Neurotology, rhinology, laryngology, head and neck tumors and Pediatric otolaryngology. Otolaryngologists engage in relieving the maladies of patients who suffer from diseases in regard to otolaryngology with the help of medical treatment or surgery based on their professional judgments. 



Outpatient Service

The E.N.T. Department of Shuang Ho Hospital offers a wide range of services with a medical team consisting of senior attending otolaryngologists, audiologists, language therapist, and residents. Facilities include outpatient service rooms, a hearing and vertigo examination center, an endoscopy center, and an outpatient operating room.



Diagnosis and Treatment  

Otology: Otitis media, tinnitus, hearing loss, vertigo, dizziness, ear or auricular deformity and so on.

Rhinology: Allergic rhinitis, nasal septal deviation, hypertrophic rhinitis, sinusitis, nasal polyps, nose bleeding, rhinoplasty and so on. 

Laryngology: Tumors on vocal cords, vocal nodules, vocal polyps, hoarseness, geriatric voice problem, vocal fold insufficiency, dysphagia, tonsils diseases, speech disorders, snoring, obstructive sleep-related disorders and so on.

Head and Neck Surgery: Oral cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, hypopharyngeal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, laryngeal cancer, salivary gland tumors, thyroid tumors and other head and neck tumors, neck mass with unknown etiology  and so on.

Other ENT-related diseases: pediatric otolaryngology, foreign body in the throat /larynx/esophagus, facial palsy, sleep apnea and so on.




       Common ENT surgery as well as tympanoplasty, cholesteatoma surgery, nasal septoplasty, endoscopic or external sinus surgery, oral and head and neck cancer surgery, salivary gland surgery, laser surgery application, sleep apnea surgery, microlaryngeal surgery, injection laryngoplasty and rhinoplasty.


Hearing and Vertigo Examination Center

   The examination center is equipped with the following advanced examination facilities:

1.      Pure Tone Average  (PTA)

2.      Auditory Brainstem Response Recorder (ABR)

3.      Auditory Steady State Response Tester (ASSR)

4.      Otoacoustic Emission Tester (OAE)

5.      Middle Ear Analyzer (Impedance)

6.      Videonystagmography (VNG)

      The examination center offers comprehensive hearing and vertigo examinations with advanced examination facilities and hearing aid consultation.

        The examination center is directed by Ms. Hsiao-Ping Chen, a master from Department of Speech and Hearing Disorders and Sciences, National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Science and also a lecturer licensed by the Ministry of Education as well as an audiologist highly experienced in speech and hearing rehabilitation, to provide high-quality service.


E.N.T. Endoscopy Center


       The center is equipped with otolaryngological endoscopes of various aperture sizes, lengths and viewing angles to provide patients with comprehensive examinations and screening procedures. Besides, with the help of advanced medical imaging data storage system, the examination and screening data can be stored in the electronic format as well as hard copy for future references.


 List of procedures
Ø         Pure tone audiometry (PTA)
Ø         Tympanogram
Ø         Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
Ø         Vestibular function test
Ø         videonystagmography
Ø         Laryngoscopy
Ø         Stroboscopy
Ø         Endoscopic examination
Ø         Nasal packing
Ø         Nasopharyngeal biopsy
Ø         Endo-tracheal tube insertion
Ø         NG tube insertion
Ø         Tympanocentesis
Ø         Ear douching
Ø         Wound suture
Ø         Wound care & change dressing
Ø         Remove Foreign body
Ø         Head and neck ultrasound
List of operations
Ø         LASER tympanotomy
Ø         Myringotomy with ventilation tube insertion
Ø         Excision of auricular cyst
Ø         Tympanoplasty
Ø         Mastoidectomy
Ø         Facial nerve decompression
Ø         Inner ear surgery
Ø         Cochlear implant
Ø         Closed reduction of nasal bone
Ø         Septomeatal plasty
Ø         Sinus surgery
Ø         Lateral rhinotomy
Ø         Sinusectomy
Ø         Tonsillectomy
Ø         Tracheostomy
Ø         Laryngomicrosurgery (LMS)
Ø         Fat injection laryngoplasty
Ø         Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP)
         Head & neck surgery
Ø         Head & neck trauma surgery
Ø         Excision of submandibular gland & tumor
Ø         Neck dissection
Ø         Head & neck reconstruction surgery
Ø         Total or partial laryngectomy
Ø         Skull base surgery
Ø         Oral cancer surgery
Ø         Trachea reconstruction surgery
Ø         Deep neck incision & drainage
Ø         Laser operation


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